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What is this @!#$%#*?!?

Well, there’s this thing called “culture lag.”  It seems to explain a lot about the conflicts and hypocrisies afflicting modern society. I mean…thousands of generations of human development—and this is all we have to show for it?

What to do, what to do….

Let’s face it—if you want to get a lot of people motivated to action, you can’t go wrong with the “war” metaphor.  It’s worked since the dawn of time.  So why not put it to good use, for once, and rally folks around a cause as old as human beings—how to be better.

All of us have painfully learned you can lead a person to universal truths, but you can’t make ’em think. So we resign ourselves to having a bit of fun; maybe in the process we inadvertently alter perceptions here and there, a degree or two.

No, seriously—what’s the deal?

So this is our attempt to play around with big ideas in little ways. We re-purpose some classic modalities for the current age. This is not for everyone—in fact, very few. If you’ve read this far, and are still insulted—we are very sorry you feel that way. Our efforts are intended for a very small, under-served minority. And in the age of AI and internet—look up anything you don’t get.

In the end, our only hope is that we bring some rueful smiles to fellow travelers down life’s byways.

This effort originates from beautiful suburban Modesto, California.

What kind of godless Commies are you?

Perhaps we can best respond to such an erudite request as follows:

The “War on Culture Lag” Tenets

  • No good idea, or belief, is seriously threatened by re-examination—or a little good-natured joshing.
  • We’re not afraid of new ideas here—nor old ones.
  • Everything we now accept as normal was once ridiculed as preposterous.
  • The biggest things originate from the smallest actions.
  • “Little people” (i.e., normal, “unremarkable” humans) are closest to reality.
  • “Think Different” is not a poster—it’s something to practice, daily.
  • Radical anything is rarely productive (except for weapons profits).

I still don’t get it….

OK—this is just an excuse for a series of small bits of entertainment, working within the constraints of modern attention spans. Forget all that hifalutin’ stuff; if there’s any “point” being made, hopefully it’s a funny one.

Give us a break…we’re trying to do something slightly different here.

Can’t you be serious?

When has that ever done much good?

2 thoughts on “About WOCL”

  1. Ripple is my favorite wine-like beverage, something I share with Fred Sanford. I remind myself everyday how brilliant I was to stockpile 45 years worth. Funny though, it doesn’t seem to taste so good anymore. But then, it didn’t taste so good in 1978. Cheers and congratulations on the website. I’m sure it will be very popular. (winking emoticon)

  2. BTW, I have a talent unknown to most people. I can reproduce the sound of a rotary dial telephone using only my mouth parts. I’m available for birthday parties and podcasts.


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