Battle #2: Myth or Misses

If we’re ever to figure out where we’re going, we must know where we’ve been.  Let’s raise our brows for a bit and consider the role of myth.


  • Hip Re-Telling of Ancient Myth — Expert from the Allan-Hayden Culture Club visits to give us ammunition for our next (?) intelligent conversation.  His presentation:  “Orpheus—the Grecian Lot? or The Tragedy of a Nympholeptic.”  Get your mythology trading cards today!
  • Commercial:  Allan-Hayden Birthday Club — Everyone’s too busy to throw personalized parties these days.  Why not order one in a box?
  • Etymology Expert — Ezra Verbich is here to let us know how some of our common phrases came to be.

This episode sponsored by our corporate overlords, Allan-Hayden Enterprises; Allan-Hayden—they do stuff, for money.

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