Battle #3: Professin’ Yer Profession

How we make a living has changed radically.  We visit the edges of society to learn of some interesting career paths.


  • Efficiency Expert — We follow this profession to its logical extension.
  • Commercial:  Sonny’s Seasoned Firewood — It’s the fuel that makes the fire.  Sonny’s firewood saves on incense, room freshener, and other smelly personal care products.
  • Mel Parcel, Street Namer — Ever wonder how all those subdivisions get those odd addresses?
  • H. Melton Keys, Keeper of Bees — Another unusual job.
  • Monkey Business — A more typical modern entrepreneur, who turned lemons into lemon juice.

This episode sponsored by the Allan-Hayden Employment Workshops.  AHEW:  nothing to sneeze at if you need a job.

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