Battle #4: The Progress Show

A common misconception is that humankind is steadily growing towards perfection.  But every generation must have thought themselves the apex of civilization.  For proper perspective, a look back may be in order….


  • Ancient Progress — Typical reactions to conflict, from the dawn of man forward.
  • Middle Ages Progress — Feudal, schmeudal.
  • Renaissance Progress — As long as you know your place….  (Knowledge of English history and/or Fairport Convention a useful prerequisite.)
  • Commercial:  Stereotypes ‘R Us
  • Colonial Progress — “Free” and “equal” take halting steps, forward-ish.
  • Gilded Age Progress — Civil disobedience and good ol’ Homer Plessey.

This episode sponsored by Stereotypes ‘R Us:  keeping the lowest common denominator alive for over 100 years.

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