Humor College: An Overview for the Layman

Humor — The Complete Curricula

Humor 55 – Remedial Humor:  The Knock-Knock Joke

Copyright 2024, Daniel A. LanghoffHumor 99 – The Riddle:  Tricky Questions, Silly Answers

Humor 101 – A Brief History; The “Brow” System of Humor

Humor 102 – Physical Humor:  Comedy’s Punching Bag

Humor 103 – Delivery Systems:  Short Forms, Long Forms

Humor 104 – Parody, Satire:  That’ll Teach You

Humor 105 – High Concept Humor:  Wit, Irony vs. Surrealism, Absurdism

Humor 106 – Stereotypes ‘R Us:  Black, Blue, and Mordant Comedy

Humor 107 – Improv:  Live First-Draft Humor

Humor 108 – Scatological Humor:  Comedy That Doesn’t Clean Up Well

Humor 109 – Late Night TV:  Where Comedy Goes to Fester

Humor 110 – Puns and Wordplay: Making Grown Men Groan

Humor 111 – Practical Jokes:  Sadism with a Laugh

Humor 112 – Sacrilegious Humor:  Blasphemy Induces Laughter?

Humor 113 — Irony:  Pressing Humor

Humor 115 – [ADVANCED/Extra Credit]  British Humor:  It’s Like They’re From Another Country

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