Welcome to something we call “The War on Culture Lag.” What it is, and why it exists—well, that would be telling; keep poking around the site.  HINT:  there’s something called Culture Lag, and it seems like “war” is the only metaphor that gets folks’ attention.  [Please note the full title; we’re not against culture.]

The main weapon in our assault will be podcasts.  To that end, we’re still looking for a “few good voices” to bring this sucker to life.  Have a look at the sample scripts below and see if you have the right stuff to be a culture lag warrior.

About the header montage:  note the “road” of civilization, meandering towards progress. Positive contributors are balanced by those who would drag us backwards—see if you can identify them all!

— General Allan

WARNING:  This material is not for everyone.  In fact, hardly anyone.  If you haven’t already clicked away—our sympathies.

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